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Gain the confidence you deserve that your loved ones are headed toward a financially secure future with our legal services. We offer assistance for probate and administration of estates, last will and testament, heir beneficiary disputes, property beneficiary disputes, and more. Let our 40 years of experience within the legal system work for your peace of mind.

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 -  Contested Estates

 -  Contested Wills

We have vast experience dealing with contested probate, estate, and property cases.

We'll be there to assist your family through the difficult decisions that may be ahead. You can rely on us to communicate your wishes effectively and provide for your loved ones according to your exact specifications.

Our Distinguished Attorney, Steven L. Keats Is Here For You.

Services Include:

Estate Planning, Probate of Wills and Administration of  Estates without Wills

From power of attorney to all probate issues, we'll provide the legal assistance you deserve for each of your estate planning needs. Schedule a consultation with our experts and receive the answers to all of your questions today.

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